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Bodies in Space brings together a cross-section of graduates from the University of Wisconsin InterArts and Technology program. From video to performance, software-based art to illustration, this collection of work provides a window into the program’s diversity and freedom of exploration.

The InterArts and Technology program was an 18-year experiment in interdisciplinary arts education. Housed in the University of Wisconsin Dance program, the project was founded by a coalition of arts educators in 1988. The program's coursework cut across the UW campus to include theater, fine arts, music, film & video, design, and of course dance & performance.

As the name suggests, InterArts and Technology put a focus on new media alongside the interplay and juxtaposition of traditional forms. The program attracted artists from a wide range of disciplines, but maintained close ties with the University of Wisconsin Dance faculty and students. The program shut its doors in 2006, but its legacy lives on with the students that called "IATech" home.

The exhibition's title is both specific and general; specific to the program's roots in dance and movement, general in that it can encompass many different types of bodies & many different spaces for discovery.

Exhibition info

Showing April 10May 15 2017
Reception April 28, 5:30PM (RSVP)
UW School of Education Gallery
1000 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI

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